Mastering and More

Hire Gerry for your project.


The sample tracks on this page were mastered by Gerry Stanek (scroll down). He offers high quality, affordable post-mix audio mastering. Gerry is a veteran of two major label bands and hundreds of recordings. Gerry Stanek has spent a lifetime listening, studying how records are supposed to sound, and the “dark art” of mastering is ultimately about the engineer’s ears. As a former bandmate notes, "Gerry can hear the fuzz on a tick's ass."

You will get a preview of every song before you pay a penny, and there will be no charge for revisions of any master, even if you decide to remix. Share a .wav file to to see what Gerry can do for your song.

Bassist for Hire:

Gerry is also available to play bass for any project. He's thumped those four strings at more than 4,000 shows, in Tulsa, Tokyo, Tempe, and, well, in more cities and venues than you can shake a stick at. Send a stereo .wav file from anywhere in the world, and Gerry will work on creating the best bass work he can muster.


Finally, Gerry Stanek is a capable editor for any writing project you have. He earned a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Warren Wilson College in 2018. He teaches college students how to write. 

For rates and availability, write to